Friday, 30 July 2010


I’ve now seen three people in the space of a week walking around London in jodhpurs. Am I missing something? When did jodhpurs make the departure from the stables to the city?

I was trying to establish whether jodhpurs are an actually trend and there hasn’t just been some horse-riding association event on in London this week so I did an eBay search for them and it came up 121 jodhpurs for sale.

At first I thought I wasn’t svelte enough for jodhpurs as I’m a size 12 but now I’m warming to the idea and have my eye on a pair of nice black ones going for only £3.19at the moment.

I have a vision of black jodhpurs teamed with pointy high-heeled boots and a loose cream shirt with ruffles which is what I am going to try to achieve.

The trend may stem from several designers whose shows featured jodhpurs at Paris fashion week.

Veronique Leroy’s Fall/Winter collection 2010 featured a lot of beige, with a great emphasis on obvious seams and padding. There were some fabulous lace dresses with fur slashing down the front which I absolutely love but the collection also featured jodhpurs and harem pants.

(Not exactly related to jodhpurs but fur-slashed dress by Leroy- Oh God how I want you!)

Dior designer John Galliano’s Fall/Winter collection 2010 also featured a lot of beige, brown and khaki green colours. The designer teamed beautifully tailored jodhpurs with hunting jackets in oversized check prints, girly frilly leather waistcoats and fur-lined sweeping jackets. The Dior models looked beautiful, with epic volumous hair curled out at the sides and trailing backcombed plaits.

Ralph Lauren and Victoria Beckham’s winter collections also include jodhpurs of a more conventional style.

Ralph Lauren Hudson Classic Suede Jodhpur ($298)

Victoria Beckham's tasteful jodhpur-esque offering

Recently, I have totally exorcised leggings and *shudder* jeggings from my wardrobe as I realised by wearing them I was embracing council estate chic. Skinny jeans are now a bit bland and leggings just look scruffy and hideous so jodhpurs are definitely a much better alternative. They are casual yet structured and much more interesting then just wearing jeans. Bring on autumn, I think I’m ready to embrace the equestrian look!

You can even get tuxedo style jodhpurs for the office like this pair by designer Robert Rodriguez.

I'm going to apoligize in advance for the next image, I wasn't sure whether to include it on here because it's just so horrific but it did make me laugh as I was recoiling.
Latex jodhpur catsuit- I seriously will be having nightmares about this. Screw dreaming about being in a public place and looking down to see yourself naked, my nightmares will now consist of me looking down to discover myself decked out in this monstrosity. The model in the pic even seems to be carrying a knife!

Image from ebay seller: latex*star*glamour*kitten

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