Thursday, 29 July 2010


At the moment I am completely lusting after Top Shop’s new AW10 collection ‘Into the Wild’.

There is something really poetic about this collection, its kind of romantic meets ravaged. All fur and sheer fabrics and long flowing hemlines.

No one has really used this word to describe it yet but it is really pagan in spirit I think. I loved the antlers and animal head headdresses the models were wearing to showcase the collection at this year’s London fashion week.

I think the collection fits in really well with a load of other trends going on at the moment. The whole otherworldly, pagan, natural character of bands like Fleet Foxes, Midlake and Mumford and Sons.

The collection also seems to draw upon the popularity of the theme of vampirism made popular recently by the Twilight films.

The website says: ‘Untamed hair, dark crimson lips, a trapper hat and spiked boots are worn with everything- this is a look that’s fragile yet untamed.’

I want all of it, but there is one piece in particular I can hardly stop thinking about. This gorgeous fur-trimmed waistcoat (£45).

I love this waistcoat- it’s just so unique.
It’s not like anything I have really seen before and I can imagine it would look totally cool with tousled hair and maybe a long dark flowing dress underneath, and loads of necklaces. Oh god I want it.
The only concern I have about it is the texture of the wool. From the photograph it could be that horrible shiny wool you see cheap bags made out of on sale in Cypriot markets. I just can’t tolerate shiny wool- nothing makes you look so cheap so I’m going to check it out in Oxford Street before I part with my £45.

I was interested to see these Biker Trousers (£32) in the collection as well.

I’ve started noticing girls around London wearing jodhpurs recently which are quite similar. I actually quite like the jodhpur look although you have to be really skinny to make it work.
Anyway, hats off to Top Shop. What a wonderful collection!

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