Sunday, 1 August 2010


Today I went to the absolutely amazing car boot sale at Battersea Park School. It takes place every Sunday and fortunately for those of us who enjoy sleep, it starts at 1.30pm rather than the usual nightmarishly early car boot sale start times.

Probably due to the fact that it’s on in the afternoon and the fact that it’s incredible it is very busy, so it’s best to get there when it starts so that other people don’t beat you to the amazing clothes and jewellery!

Last time I went I had £80 in my bank account to last me to the end of the week- for food and transport etc. I ended up running to the cash point so that I could buy a real crocodile skin vintage handbag for £50. Such an incredible purchase and absolutely no regrets even if it did mean I had a week of living off pasta and cup a soup.


This time I took out £20 and left my card at home which turned out to be quite a good idea as it forced me to haggle more.

There were loads of cool, well-dressed people there rummaging through piles of vintage clothes.

These rings were my first find.

The large one was £4, and the other two were £5 together.

I then spotted this lovely Dari Meya dress. I thought it would be at least £5 (expensive for car boots) as I remember a few years ago everyone went absolutely crazy for these dresses on eBay and was paying over £250 for them.

I was so shocked when the lady said it was 50p! What a bargain! I know it’s a bit last season but I still think it’s beautiful and I’m going to wear it with pride!

Another purchase that I am SO happy with is this lovely pair of fitted brown suit trousers by Heidemann.

I found them at the bottom of this gigantic pile of vintage clothes. They were only 50p and fit perfectly, even if they do smell a bit.

I got a few other things:

Love this material, 50p.

I like the cuffed sleeves, £5.00

Going to turn this into a mini-skirt, £2.50.

I was dramatically running out of money when I saw this beautiful dark green tweed shorts suit. Cue panic.

The lady selling it said it was £3 but after I stood there arduously counting out my coppers she lost patience and let me have it for £1.90! (Good tactic for future boot sales?) It looks lovely on as it’s really well tailored. I think it will look really nice for autumn with a nice loose cream shirt underneath.

As you can see, you can get some incredible bargains at this boot sale. I totally recommend it to anyone trying to get an individual look on a budget.


Sunday afternoon car boot sale at the Battersea Tec College, Battersea Park Road, SW11
(entrance in Dagnall Street)

Train: Queenstown Road Battersea
Time: Every Sunday from 1:30pm to 5:00pm except 26 December 2004 and 2 January 2005
Sellers from 1pm from £8.00
For more information please contact the following number -
Phone: 07941-383-588